Fall Session Technique Class


Includes payment for 60min. Technique class (Ballet/Acrobatics) for the entire Fall session.  Meets 1/week and runs from August 6 – December 14. Does not include Costume/Production fee.

Product Description

2019-20 FALL TECHNIQUE CLASS INCLUDES: 1 class/week, 60 min., 2019/20 Season runs Aug. 6 – May 2.  Fall Session 1 ($180) is Aug. 6 – December 14, and Spring Session 2 ($180) is January 21 – May 2. *Costume fee of $45/Session and Production fee of $30/Session is separate from Tuition

Schedule: Tues. 5:00-6:00pm (Technique Class)

Location: Class will be instructed in the Fitness Studio at Power Ranch Clubhouse at the address of 4444 E. Haven Crest Dr., Gilbert, AZ 85297.  Please enter through the Lakeside doors.

Requirements for Technique class members:

  • Attend weekly Technique Class.  Session Tuition is $180
  • Costume Fee $45/Session
  • Production Fee $30/Session
  • Attend all Rehearsals and Performances other than excused absences.

Required performances include: 

End of Season Technique Show

  • Required Dance Wear: Leotard or fitted fitness shirt, and fitted dance pants or shorts.  Can wear a ballet skirt and tights.  Please keep modest; Tops must have a strap or sleeves, no midriff showing, and keep shorts at an appropriate length. *Required for practice

Pink convertible tights (foot can be in the tights or out) *Required for Performance, can wear a separate pair for practice; girls only

Adult Convertible...

Nude or pink ballet shoes *Required for practice and Performance B50
Please bring a water bottle *Required for practice and Performance

*We encourage students to stay in Technique Class for the FULL YEAR to receive optimal benefits.  If you intend to stay the full year, please sign up for the second session as well as the first when you are able.

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