Dual Course – Semester


Semester Dual Course – $40 worth of savings!

Big Leap Dance Course AND Aspiring Choreographer for 1 semester
Program Tuition: $360

Ages 6-12


Big Leap Full Tuition for a Semester long dance course that includes a performance top, a discount on a fun Pure Technique dance workbook, and a Technique Show!  Here your student will grow at an allegro (fast) rate and make a big leap in developing their talent. Meets 1/wk 75 min. may include styles (Ballet/Modern/Jazz/Acrobatics)

Aspiring Choreographer Full Tuition for a Semester long dance course designed for creativity and exploration in creating dance pieces.  You will get to see what these students can imagine and accomplish with their brilliant minds! Includes a performance top and a choreography showing in our Technique show. 1/wk 60min.

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