Pure Technique has designed an innovative but traditional way of presenting understanding of dance technique to students of all ages. The word “Technique” is hard to understand for our young ones. Our showings provide the parents and students with more of an educational based performance that enhances their understanding of why we do class work and vocabulary. They also bring greater understanding to their main stage performances in the future.  Parents and audience members are also able to view more of their accomplishments and hard work.

Another part of our goal as Pure Technique is to help build a future for dancers.  We are on the look out for scouting opportunities for the students.  We hope to find those for you and yours.

After school programs with affiliated instructors, schools, and businesses are how we build our programs and services.  We also teach through summer camps or intensives, and workshops.

The director is accredited with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Arizona State University, a Finger Print Clearance Card, and dance professional experience as a member of a professional company, Desert Dance Theatre.  DDT has already provided performance opportunity on the main stage for students and hopes to continue this tradition.