Fund a student

This page is a special page that helps others that may not have the funds to dance, be able to have the opportunity.  As a child, I didn’t always have the funds or opportunity to dance, so I want to help those that find themselves in the same position.

After getting to know students and parents I will decide if their is a need to fund the student and will place their picture, first name, program being funded, and a brief statement on why they love to dance on this page.  The picture will be placed only with parent permission.  If the parent decides not to reveal personal info on their student, I will at least provide you with the age, gender, program being funded, reason they love to dance and their appreciation to the contributors.  A letter or an e-mail will always be sent to our contributors, as a token of our gratitude.  With all this information being said, I hope you know that it is important to us that you as the viewer and/or contributor know who you are donating to and know your donation is going toward a students dream.

The donation box will appear below and may contain a specific amount to donate or an option to change the donation amount.  In advance, thank you for your help!