ALA Gilbert North

We are offering Dance Education Courses at ALA Elementary, Gilbert North location.  Classes will be instructed in the gym/stage area.

Pure Technique Dance Program Descriptions 

Big Leap Dance Course – Semester 1 & 2, Aug. 22 – May 2     Tuition: $180/Semester   Thurs. 3:15-4:30 on the Stage (Big leap Students and Dance Company Members attend)

In this program your student will grow at an allegro (fast) rate and make a big leap in developing their dance talent.  Pay tuition ($180) per semester for Big Leap dance course that includes a Technique Show!  Costume ($45), and Production fee ($30) are paid separately.   Meets 1/wk 75 min., for Big Leap Course,  Semester 1: Ballet/Acrobatics, Semester 2: Modern/Hip Hop

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Dance Company – Semester 1 & 2,  Aug. 22 – May 2     Tuition: $250/semester  Thurs. 3:15-5:30pm on the Stage (Company Members only)

Here your student will shine and develop their love of performance!  Technique skills will become stronger and clearer with the extra instruction time.  Pay tuition ($250) per semester for ALA Performance Dance Company that includes multiple performances and an end of the year Technique Show!  Costumes ($90), and production fees ($60) are paid for separately.    Instruction time includes 135 min./week, for Big Leap Course and Company Class, may include styles (Ballet/Acrobatics/Hip Hop/Jazz/Contemporary, Latin)

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