An aesthetically pleasing position of the body that calls for a tremendous amount of technique.  Op-positional pull, turn out, flexibility, and strength are needed to execute this position correctly.  Feel the pull that connect your head to your toe.  Make sure you pull up as you press into the floor.  Reach your scapula, a.k.a, chicken wings toward your pelvis.  Keep your hips and shoulders squared as much as possible towards the front.  Remember to smile:)

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  1. Mrs. Vaughn is an exceptional, loving, and knowledgeable dance instructor. My daughter has developed as a dancer because of Mrs. Vaughn’s grace and dedication to her students.

    ~Thank you for being a great role model for her too!

    Myra V.

    1. Thank You Myra! You and your daughter have been such a blessing in my life and in a great time of need emotionally, financially, and physically. I cannot express how much I love teaching your daughter and having you guys in my life.

      ~May she always continue dancing!

      Mrs. Vaughn

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